Relaxing Pictures – Photography Adventures in Clearlake

By | October 19, 2018

Photography Adventures in Clearlake Relaxing Pictures
Welcome to another photography adventure with MrCloud! You can check the previous one here. This time I went a tad bit to the north and a tad bit to the west of Sacramento which is the domain of the great Clearlake. Stay tuned to see some unexpectedly great photos I have encountered along the way including my favorite shot of the entire trip which is a time lapse night photography video.

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Windsor – Before going to Clearlake, I first went to the town of Windsor, California. One thing I can tell you about this place is that it’s super squeaky clean. It’s like Stepford Town except they have better architecture. This picture right here is a restaurant and I have to say I like the feel of the place. It’s like a San Fransisco minus the crowding and rude drivers.

semi full moon
Semi full moon – I’m pretty sure the correct term is waning, but hey I kinda like the ring to a “semi full moon.” Anyways I took this photo while on a hotel balcony in Windsor. Here is another one I took during a cloudier period showing the leaves around it.

cloudy night
Cloudy night – I took both of these photos with the Canon 55-250mm macro lens. This one I took with a longer exposure period and larger aperture which is why the moon appears to be a huge blob of light. I thought the photo turned our great and has a bit of an abstract feel to it. Also it makes me feel like a vampire is about to get me – the non-sparkling ones.

old faithful geyser
Old Faithful Geyser – I decided to do another detour before heading to Clearlake. Calistoga is usually known for it’s wine tasting venues, but it also has another interesting location called the Old Faithful Geyser. This hot jet of water spewing out of the geyser occurs once every 30 minutes. So of course I took a few photos of the place.

silk pump
Silk pump – I took this with a longer exposure time to make the water look like silk. Also I used the 10-18mm Canon wide angle lens for both of these photos. Like a dummy, I brought the wrong size ND filters which is why I had to hold the filter in front of the lens while taking the shot. For those of you who are not familiar with ND filters, they are used to underexpose the image because taking long exposure shots overexpose the image. ND filters aim to counter-act the overexposure caused by lower shutter speeds.

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After this stop, I finally went straight to the main event of the adventure – Clearlake, the largest natural lake in California. Follow along to see my favorite shots of this photography adventure.

Breath-taking Clearlake Photos!