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The Cortisol Paradox – Is Cortisol Good or Bad?

Commonly called “The Stress Hormone,” Cortisol has built quite a bad reputation. Linked to many negative health effects including weight gain, immune system weakening, muscle and bone reduction, and even thyroid problems, Cortisol was the frequent target of health gurus and weight loss companies. Cortisol reduction supplements were marketed like vitamins to supposedly help with… Read More »

Ambiverts Leave Extroverts in the Dust

You hear people refer to extraversion everywhere. Simply put, extraversion is a personality spectrum where extroverts are said to enjoy social interaction and introverts prefer solitude. The concept is straight to the point. With that said, common sense pretty much implies that extroverts will be better at a social activity like selling. A recent 2013… Read More »

Study Finds People Are Nicer In The Morning

One great thing about the morning is stepping out the door and breathing in the morning air. It just feels so refreshing and rejuvenating. Turning on the television, even the news is amazing. They talk about feel-good stories about how everything is perfect. They tell you the stock market is doing well and that you… Read More »


Staying active is one of the most essential factors to staying healthy. It also satisfies our primal need to compete. Lifting weights, running, boxing, basketball, tennis, etc. are just a few of the many ways by which we make it a more fun activity. Whether you are an athlete, trying to lose weight, or doing… Read More »

Facebook and Twitter – Home of Narcissists

Remember all those jokes about young people doing Facebook updates all the time? Turns out, who ever made those jokes probably posted it through Facebook and not through Twitter because they don’t know what is “coolio” these days. A recent study on human behavior focusing on the two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, found… Read More »