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10 Greatest Love Quotes of All Time by Dudes

Men are known for being tough and in some ways domineering. Men after all are men. We have big muscles and stuff, however, men are also known for being protective and romantic to the people they care about. Today I give you the 10 greatest love quotes of all time by dudes. Related: Love Quotes… Read More »


Wars, revolutions and international disputes oftentimes rekindle and sometimes intensify the flames of war. It doesn’t matter which side wins the common man loses. Throughout history, war and violence have been the source of tremendous suffering. The only ones who benefit from it are warmongers and the small group of individuals in power. War and… Read More »

34 Inspirational Quotes About True Friendship

When I was younger I always wondered why my best friend wasn’t my brother. We always did things together, went everywhere together and it was always a ton of fun. Though I’m sure my young mind wouldn’t be able to comprehend the profound meanings of true friendship, I didn’t know back then that a friend… Read More »

25 Inspiring Quotes From Basketball Titans

If you think about it basketball is nothing but a bunch of tall guys chasing after one bouncy rubber ball. However, it is more than that – primarily because of the sheer amount of talent and athleticism demonstrated by the greatest basketball players of all time. Related: 12 Revealing Habits of Extremely Successful People These… Read More »

12 Enlightening Life Quotes to Celebrate Easter

Many people have different ways of celebrating Easter especially in today’s diversified petri dish of a culture. However, one cannot deny the fact Easter is about the celebration of life, and bunnies, but that would be one silly article if I made 12 quotes about bunnies. Related: 10 Greatest Love Quotes of All Time by… Read More »