cute ducky
Cute ducky – Arriving in Clearlake, I was immediately greeted by these friendly ducks. I once again brought out my macro lens and took some rapid fire shots in order to get this cool photo of the duck looking right at the lens. I had so much fun feeding them and watching the ducks dive for the bread. You probably didn’t know this but ducks like to pinch each others bum for no apparent reason once in a while. It was also interesting to see how the most dominant ducks get to be at the front of the line when it comes to feeding while the more shy ones stay at the back. So what I did just be sort of a rebel was I threw more bread towards the shy ducks. Hah take that social hierarchy.

tree of life
Tree of life – Having rested for a bit and unpacked my things, I immediately went outside and took a beeline towards the lake for some photos. One of the cool unique characteristics of the plant life in Clearlake is that their trees seem to have overgrown roots. All of the trees in the area have a bulging base like this.

This tree is perhaps the most humongous one among all the others. So I decided to take a picture of it and I would like to say that this photo does not necessarily give you the best representation of the tree’s actual size. The wide angle lens makes it look smaller due to the larger field of view. In person, I’m telling you this tree is gigantic.

lonely marina
Lonely marina – I like to explore interesting places especially the ones that look unique, and I’m telling you this place looks unique. It could be good, or bad depending on how you look at it. The houses had some third world charm to them. There were dogs barking at me, the houses looked a bit ram-shackled and there were a lot of random old things like rusted cars, broken lanterns on the ground, etc.

You must be thinking, so it’s a ghetto place! Not exactly, to me it felt more like a “simpler” area because the place looked very rural and ghettos usual are urbanized and very rigid. This place had a personality to it. So anyways as I was walking along, I ran into this local named Sarah. She directed me to this place called “The Marina.”

lost at sea
Lost at sea – Turns out Sarah lived nearby. I originally thought she was visiting the area like me, but that was not the case. It turns out the place didn’t have the best reputation. Apparently there had been some drug and gang problems around Clearlake. However, she did say that it’s been a lot better lately. Comes to show, talking to locals is a good thing when you are visiting a new place. Having known this, I decided to be a little more cautious when it comes to walking around the place alone.

stick in the mud
Stick in the Mud – This photo right here represents the random stuff you’ll find lying around Clearlake. I saw a huge dead fish lying in the marina and also found a dead goose on the side of the road with it’s feather still in tact. I tried to take a picture of the fish, but was literally swarmed by a legion of flies when I made a wrong step, and I was nearly ran over when I tried to take a picture of the dead goose. On both occasion, I decided it wasn’t worth the inconvenience/potential incapacitation.

size does matter
Size does matter – If you’re wondering why there’s a lot of vignetting around the pictures. It’s because I’m basically holding the filters in front of the lens. This is what it will kinda look like if I open my focal length all the way to 10mm. As you can see the area without the darkening effect of the ND filter is overexposed while the area inside of it is just fine.

lake sunset
Lake Sunset – As the sun started to set I decided to take some photos on the dock owned by the hotel I stayed at. One funny thing about this place is literally every house has their own dock!

mysterious dock
Mysterious dock – Since the sun has set, I was able to take longer exposure shots without over-exposing them. As a result I was able to take this super smooth photo of the Clearlake. This is one of my favorites. I wanted to take more shots, but then the legion of flies suddenly appeared once again and I had to literally fight my way back to the hotel with my camera strapped around my neck, my tripod on my one hand and shooing flies away like crazy with the other.

Night Photography Time-lapse Video – This is probably my most favorite set of photographs of all time. I originally thought you need top notch lens in order to be able to take night photography pictures. To the naked eye, this scene right here, would be nothing but pitch black.

I used my 10-18mm Canon wide angle lens with an aperture of six and an exposure time of 30 seconds. The focusing was the hard part. I had to literally take a picture, move the focus a little bit, take a photo rinse and repeat. There is no way to tell if you are in focus or not because you can’t see anything during night photography. So my only reference point were the photos. These are unedited and I took them right from the folder into Adobe Premier and turned them into this video loop.

That’s it for this photography adventure session. I hope you found the photos interesting and the least bit entertaining. My aim for these photography adventure is to help me improve my photography skills and I am quite happy with what I learned during this adventure. For those of you who are new to photography, I try to drop some quick photo tips so we can get better together. Thanks for joining me! Stay tuned for the next photography adventure!

Photography Adventures in Lake Tahoe!