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Motivational Quotes 4 – An Eye for an Eye

The old timeless saying “an eye for an eye” resonates soundly even today. Simply stating, it means “if you do something bad to me, I will do something bad or even worse to you.” Upon first attempt at disambiguation, it seems perfectly logical, however, just like many things in life, it is not that simple.… Read More »

The 18 Most Memorable Steve Jobs Quotes of All Time

One of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, is responsible for the current tidal wave of mobile technology (iphone, ipad, mac). Like a sudden mole that appears out of nowhere, unless you laser that thing it won’t go away, mobile technology is here to stay. The visionary mind behind this is none other than… Read More »

12 Revealing Habits of Extremely Successful People

What do Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Gates all have in common? They are all extremely successful. For most of us, achieving great success feels like a distant dream, however, all these successful individuals have surprisingly similar habits. These common habits positioned them for… Read More »

Procrastination: Is it really a bad thing?

We hear it everywhere, read it everywhere, and we even feel that procrastination is a bad thing. However, is it really detrimental to our well being and personal development? From personal experience I’m not gonna lie, I procrastinate. Just before I wrote this paragraph I went to r/jokes and chuckled a bit. I then went… Read More »

10 Conversation Secrets Everyone Should Know About

Conversations are one of the greatest simple pleasures in life. It helps us connect and it helps us express our feelings. Sometimes they go well and our lives are changed forever, and sometimes they go horribly wrong, and well, our lives are also changed forever. I was an awkward kid A long long time ago… Read More »

Motivational Quotes 3 – The Strongest Souls

Sometimes you meet someone that has an inexplicably captivating personality. Its your intuition telling you there is something different about this person. Something about their expression, how they handle themselves, how they communicate and most importantly how they have an elevated perspective on life. Related: An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth… Read More »

10 Greatest Love Quotes of All Time by Dudes

Men are known for being tough and in some ways domineering. Men after all are men. We have big muscles and stuff, however, men are also known for being protective and romantic to the people they care about. Today I give you the 10 greatest love quotes of all time by dudes. Related: Love Quotes… Read More »