Motivational Quotes 2 – Test of Will

By | October 19, 2018

Life has many ways of testing a persons will

You meet a new guy or a new girl then you both agree to go on a date. Extremely excited, you often end up obsessing about it and worse, losing sleep over it, but on the actual date they cancel on you. You are devastated because something you wanted to happen didn’t happen. At the other end of the spectrum, you sometimes find yourself trying to grab unto to something because things are happening way too fast and too soon. Unexpected occurrences like a job lay-off, an accident, or even your significant other doing some “extra-curricular activities” often overwhelm you with a totally different set of circumstances making you feel as if you have deal with so many things at once.

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Life is a challenge

This brings us to a quote by Paulo Coelho which states, “Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all, or by having everything happen all at once.

Looking from the outside, you might think that successful people just get what they get because they are just that amazing. You are simply seeing them at the peak of their career because as humans, we are often gravitated towards things that are exceptional. We don’t notice these great individuals back when they were simply practicing and failing over and over, and not really doing anything special.

Great things come from nothing

However, all those failures are the reason they are so good at what they do. Nothing may have happened to the untrained eye, but in reality they have gained a crucial experience in life. Mayweather is an amazing boxer because of all the times he got hit in the face, Michael Jordan is a great basketball player because of all the times he missed a shot, and Louis CK is a great comedian because he cracked so many bad jokes that he knew which ones would be good.

Life is reality and in reality, that fire of resolve needs to always be burning. Sometimes, it will burn less bright, sometimes it rages like a wildfire. One thing you need to make sure is to keep it burning, so that when something does happen, you are ready to share your light to the world… or fire, but that seems like an “arsonish” type of a phrase so lets stick to light.

Life throws all its got at you

On the other hand, sometimes life just drops a boulder on your head. It can be something that you may not be able to handle, or may be something that totally devastates you. But the thing is that if you are still here, and you are still reading this, or hearing this, or telephatically being transferred to your brain in case someone invents a new telekinitic iphone in the future, that means there is a reason you are still here. Don’t let that fire go out, don’t lose your will. As long as you have the will to go on, you matter. You can achieve something great.

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Artistic Inpiration

I took a bit of time thinking of a concept for this quote because the easy way to illustrate this would be something like a split screen where the one side nothing happens while the other side is going crazy, but I thought that would be a bit too tacky and I wanted to draw something more elegant and simple. Also I wanted to include my character “pillow” the cat and my personal avatar as MrCloud in this drawing. So I ended up with this scene where there is absolutely nothing happening, and pillow fell asleep on my head because its so boring.

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