4 Ways to Give Yourself Limitless Potential

By | October 19, 2018

4 ways to give yourself limitless potential

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1. The Time is Now – There will never be a better time for you to begin your journey. Greatness is not achieved by endless contemplation, but by realizing that perfect opportunity. That fateful day when you see the life you dream of right within your grasp and you TAKE IT. You grab it with all of your strength and all of your might like an indomitable king veiled with the finest jewelry, magnificent garments and priceless relics that is only matched by that smothering look of flaming determination in his eye. He looks up as he sits on his throne and gazes upon all that he owns and rightfully his.

YOU…are that fateful monarch. The finest garments and precious stones represent the unique talent that simply identifies you in the ocean of monotony, and his eyes represent your unwavering will to succeed. And when someone destined for greatness sees his opportunity to take his rightful place, he does not sit idly by seeking permission from the crowd, he does not look to his peers to see if they approve, he looks deep within himself with head up high and takes it. If you want to be successful you need to do things NOW and not a second later.

How to do it:

Just do it. Do something. Many people get so obsessed about beginning something perfectly. Nothing is perfect, there will be no perfect time. Do something that bring you closer to your potential everyday. Yes everyday. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to be ready to do it everyday for the rest of your life. Doing things for a month or a few years only brings you above average, but you were not born to simply be above average you were born to be great.

2. Live for your craft – The most successful individuals live in such a way that they know nothing else but their craft. Mayweather started boxing when he was just ten years of age. The most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, started swimming at age 11. To the untrained eye, they simply “started young,” but in reality the most important factor that contributed to their seemingly unlimited potential is the fact that were virtually born with their hands hitting the hammer. Introducing a person to a field at such an early age rewires their brains and it does something amazing – it lets them skip all the weaknesses and all the hypocrisy and stupidity associated with a mind that does not know it’s purpose.

The greatest race of warriors, the Spartans, sent their children to Agoge military training at the age of seven. Imagine that, as a child we are often cradled by our mothers but to these Spartan warriors the next thing they knew was pain. However, this does something to a person. When a person has nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, they start seeing comfort in chaos. All the little immovable trinkets in their brain previously impassive suddenly come-alive and finds connections a normal human would not see. These Spartans lived and breathed war. They woke up to war, they lived in war and they were prepared to die in war. This is what happens when you live for your craft.

Recreate yourself from the ashes:

The more pain you have been through the more intense your conviction will be. Like a phoenix that is reborn from the ashes – recreate yourself. Imagine yourself reborn like a Spartan child – bred to be glorious. And when you do, live and breathe your craft. When you wake up in the morning feel your body automatically crave to churn and work. You will not even have to think anymore because your molecules your very atoms resonate to the smallest quark what you see to be the only reason you are alive. This will unlock your unlimited potential and you will discover just how limitless your capabilities are.

3. Meet like-minded individuals – Do not adapt an elitist mentality of thinking you are better than everyone else. We are all as low as dirt, and nothing will change that but the things that we do everyday. Whether you are a royalty born with natural talent or a man who fought his way out of a hole in the ground, we all earn the right to be alive by getting up in the morning and facing the world. Out there in reality everyone is equal, we are all tested until we can barely stand. That is why we need like-minded individuals with minds like that of a lion and loyalty of a sheep with whom we can enjoy our victories and watch our back when we fall on our knees. Friendship is one of the deepest and most powerful bond that can catapult you to your destined success.

4. Find your deeper purpose – Why are you doing this? Is it just for money? Then you might as well stop now and not waste your time. Is it for popularity? Then you are a joke. Are you bored? Than just take duck-face selfies on your phone. I am not going to waste my energy expounding my heart and soul unto this keyboard so you can live life more conveniently, or so you can feel a little less bad. I am here because I want to use every ounce of my being transferred through words on this thing with a bunch of keys on it so I can help you do things beyond human – to release your limitless potential.

Because for every story of triumph there is an untold story of true purpose that makes someone work when everyone else is off. It is the story that keeps someone awake when everyone else is sleeping. It is the story that will keep you on your feet when everyone else is sitting on their ass watching reality television. It is the story that lets you know every single movement every wave of your hand is for a greater purpose, for a deeper aspect in your life bringing you close to that thing your mind might not readily understand but you want it and you need it with every ounce of who you are. And so ask yourself what is this deep profound purpose that keeps you going. Realize it. Treasure it. Remind yourself everyday the reason you breathe and then – you will find your true potential.

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