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7 Good Reasons To Let Out Your Weird Side

I was driving home from the gym one day. It’s hot and like usual I close all windows in my car and turn OFF the AC. This turns my car into a moving sauna. Whenever I get a good workout I make sure to do this because at that point I’m already sweaty so might… Read More »

Privacy Policy

  About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Contact Us   YAWN CENTRAL PRIVACY POLICY Here at Yawn Central, we are committed to respecting everyone’s privacy online. We are equally committed to giving our visitors the best possible experience on our website. In order to do so, we gather personally-identifying information and… Read More »

Better Sleep, Better Grades Study Finds

Using flash cards, mnemonics, hiring tutors, and even going as far as cheating or taking “study drugs“, people sometimes go to extreme lengths in order to increase their academic performance. It is a good thing to strive for excellence in school, but it is best to understand the natural ways to optimize your mental capacity.… Read More »


Wars, revolutions and international disputes oftentimes rekindle and sometimes intensify the flames of war. It doesn’t matter which side wins the common man loses. Throughout history, war and violence have been the source of tremendous suffering. The only ones who benefit from it are warmongers and the small group of individuals in power. War and… Read More »

People Who Say “Like” Are More Ethical Study Finds

Growing up is a mixed bag of fun, confusion, insecurities, worrying about your hair, thinking about your crush/your favorite boy-band and, pertinently, your parents yelling at your ear. In my case, many of the things I’ve been yelled at for were about how I present myself in front of people. What can I say, I… Read More »

34 Inspirational Quotes About True Friendship

When I was younger I always wondered why my best friend wasn’t my brother. We always did things together, went everywhere together and it was always a ton of fun. Though I’m sure my young mind wouldn’t be able to comprehend the profound meanings of true friendship, I didn’t know back then that a friend… Read More »