Motivational Quotes 8 – I’d Rather Die on My Feet

By | October 19, 2018

Motivational quotes Id rather die on my feet
Living on your knees

You are too afraid to speak your mind. Too afraid to try anything outside of your comfort zone. Despite your numerous chances, you never had the guts to talk that cute girl in your biology class. You are so afraid at offending anyone you just agree to do whatever anyone tells you. You think you are being nice and polite whenever you let people push you around at their will. You never do the things that you want to do due to fear of people’s opinion. You feel this huge void inside, and you feel empty.

” I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. “

What’s the deal?

Recently I ran across the soundtrack of 300 rise of the empire and this music just gave me the inspiration to draw the above piece. It was an immensely interesting experience as I drew this while listening to such an epic soundtrack.

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However, most importantly it made me realize my primary drive as to why I’m doing everything in my capability to rise beyond mediocrity – I don’t want fame, I don’t want riches. What I do want with every inch of my existence is to live on my own terms. To live according to my own free will.

I believe I am not alone. The United States after all is a country founded on freedom. To dig hard on the ground, get calluses, sweat and bleed just so you can breathe freely and spread your arms as you look towards the sun saying you are free.

But we are already free

Everyday we are subjected to “mind-forged manacles” by the people around us, but often times by our own selves. Freedom is not given it is earned. It is earned by having the courage to break free of your psychological bondage. And you break free of that psychological bondage called fear, by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

As humans we are naturally programmed to fear the unknown. That vast of land of possible failure and pain – it is true that you may fail and you may fail horribly. That is life. What isn’t life is living afraid unwilling to take any risks. You will only realize it once you are old, ragged, burdened, tired and unable to pursue your dreams. At point you have have done nothing, you have accomplished nothing, and you were nothing but a sudden pop of space in this quick blink in reality’s eye.

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Don’t be insignificant

Only you can determine your significance. It is up to you to determine how to live your life. Many men throughout the history of the world have sacrificed life and limb to experience a brief taste of this sweet feeling of being unhindered. Today, the only thing between you and freedom is your own mind, the people who may say “you’re lame” or those who would dislike your status updates. You are living on your knees and you are being held down by something as simple as a word.

Die on your feet

Take a stand for what you believe in. Speak your mind. Fail and fail and fail even more. At least you will know you are alive and free. Smile whenever someone criticizes you because you know it means you are brave enough to go against the grain. Get rejected by countless women. Let pain be your friend, and when that day comes that you are looking down as you stand over all your challenges, all your doubters, all your fears, you will remember that day you said “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” And with that I leave you with the question.

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