Your 7 Thoughts If You Lived 100 Lifetimes

What if someone was given 99 lifetimes. 99 lifetimes to get things right, so that for one life he could live a life so precious and so complete that it would it render the previous 99 lives pare in comparison. Today I bring you the 7 thoughts you will think of after having lived 100 lifetimes.

Are Cat People Smarter Than Dog People?

We all know cat people pretty much own the internet. The internet is their domain, however, a new study might give them even more to rave about. Are dog people truly at a disadvantage? It is possible that things are not as simple as it may seem. Who’s smarter cat people or dog people?

People Who Say “Like” Are More Ethical Study Finds

Growing up, most of us are taught not to use filler words. We are often scolded for using words such as like, um and you know, however, a study suggests these previously considered verbal ticks may in fact play a crucial role in communication and personality.