25 Inspiring Quotes From Basketball Titans

If you think about it basketball is nothing but a bunch of tall guys chasing after one bouncy rubber ball. However, it is more than that – primarily because of the sheer amount of talent and athleticism demonstrated by the greatest basketball players of all time. Related: 12 Revealing Habits of Extremely Successful People These… Read More »


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The Cortisol Paradox – Is Cortisol Good or Bad?

Commonly called “The Stress Hormone,” Cortisol has built quite a bad reputation. Linked to many negative health effects including weight gain, immune system weakening, muscle and bone reduction, and even thyroid problems, Cortisol was the frequent target of health gurus and weight loss companies. Cortisol reduction supplements were marketed like vitamins to supposedly help with… Read More »

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Let’s Prove Negative Nancy Wrong – Loneliness

Nothing is worse than Negative Nancy appearing out of nowhere and ruining a perfectly good day by forcing negative thoughts into your head. Here we will obliterate the plausibility of the three most common negative thoughts associated with loneliness. Related: The 13 Destructive Habits of Unhappy People NEGATIVE NANCY – “You will always be alone”… Read More »

12 Enlightening Life Quotes to Celebrate Easter

Many people have different ways of celebrating Easter especially in today’s diversified petri dish of a culture. However, one cannot deny the fact Easter is about the celebration of life, and bunnies, but that would be one silly article if I made 12 quotes about bunnies. Related: 10 Greatest Love Quotes of All Time by… Read More »

Does Stress Make You Biologically Age Faster?

It is common knowledge that chronic stress makes you look old. I’m sure many of us have direct experiences of relatives or friends suddenly looking worn out after going into a stressful career or simply having to raise a toddler. Stress makes you look older In fact, the most noticeable example of stress making an… Read More »

Longer Sleep Helps Achieve Peak Athletic Performance

Staying active is one of the most essential factors to staying healthy. It also satisfies our primal need to compete. Lifting weights, running, boxing, basketball, tennis, etc. are just a few of the many ways by which we make it a more fun activity. Whether you are an athlete, trying to lose weight, or doing… Read More »