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Life is challenging, and its always fun to have a good challenge, however, if you need any boost just read our motivational quotes to rekindle the fire within you with graphics especially drawn by MrCloud.

You are too afraid to speak your mind. Too afraid to try anything outside of your comfort zone. What are you willing to do to achieve success? Are you satisfied with a life live in fear, a life lived on your knees?

How far will you go to hold on to your free will. Going against the norm, sometimes an individual would face a great deal of criticism and social backlash in order to stand up for what he or she believes in.

Do you think you know the true meaning of success? Success, despite a common goal for many people, has a very profound meaning not entirely divulged to all who seek it.

Success is measured by ones capability to reach a goal. Without a goal, you are simply, doing things. Without a goal, failure and success is meaningless.

The old timeless saying “an eye for an eye” resonates soundly even today. Simply stating, it means “if you do something bad to me, I will do something bad or even worse to you.” Upon first attempt at disambiguation, it seems perfectly logical, however, just like many things in life, it is not that simple.… Read More »

Sometimes you meet someone that has an inexplicably captivating personality. Its your intuition telling you there is something different about this person. Something about their expression, how they handle themselves, how they communicate and most importantly how they have an elevated perspective on life.

Life is a challenge. It challenges us by either testing our patience or by testing our resolve. Would you prefer to just lie down and give up or are you the type of person who gets stronger with each hardship.

Do you want the world to hand you success on a silver platter? Or are you that type of person or are you type who wants to feel proud for every single thing that you have attained in life? Make your own doors in life.