The 6 Types of Friends You Need in Your Life and their Antitheses

By | October 19, 2018

The 6 friends you need in your life

Having friends is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Besides having someone to play monopoly with, friends allow us to grow by connecting with them and sharing our life with these individuals we feel close to. Friends essentially complete an otherwise lonely life. Today, I bring you 6 of the best types of friends you need in your life and their opposites which you should do avoid by all means.

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life of the party
1. THE LIFE OF THE PARTY – Having a friend like this is similar to having a double rainbow all day everyday. These types of friends feel good when everyone is having a great time. They feel bad when someone they care about is sad or broken, so they find ways to cheer them up. Many of the friends that made a huge difference in my life are these types of people because they helped me focus on the positive aspects in life.

THE NEGATIVE NANCY – Beware of these kinds of people. They feel bad when you feel good so they find something to criticize or complain about in order to make you feel lower than them. In their eyes, if you are lower than them, they are better than you.

the protector
2. THE PROTECTOR – I don’t know what you did to earn this friend’s respect, but you earned it and you should be thankful. These kinds of friends are often very mature and have experienced the worst in life which explains their cautiousness. They often treat you like their younger brother and sister, and would stand up for you ’til the ends of the earth. They often offer a quick reality check on things to make sure you are not doing anything too reckless.

THE TROUBLE MAKER – These types of friends may seem like the life of the party at first but don’t be fooled. They only find fun in doing riskier and riskier things. Being associated with friends like these is a sure-fire way to a chaotic life.

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the caring one
3. THE CARING ONE – This type of friend is the mother/father you never had. They are always the ones who would lend their car keys if you ever need it. They bring extra forks and spoons, extra clothes, extra everything because they like making sure everyone is taken care of. Just make sure to not abuse this friend’s kindness. Care should be reciprocated.

THE IM-ONLY-THERE-WHEN-I-NEED-SOMETHING-FROM-YOU – They only hang out with you when they need something from you, but when you ask something of them they look at you like you are crazy.

the quiet one
4. THE QUIET ONE – Amazing listeners they hold on to every single word you say like its the word of the Pope or something. These types of people are often shy and require quite some encouraging before they start to open up, but they often provide you with a very interesting perspective on things.

THE ME MYSELF AND I – The only reason this friend listens to your stories is so that they could find a way to relate it to THEIR story. The only reason they call you is to complain about something that happened to them. When you start talking about your life, they are zone out within seconds.

the smart one
5. THE SMART ONE – Everyone needs a friend like this. These types of friends seem to resonate some profound unexplainable wisdom on everything. They provide you with very helpful feedback on how you can solve your most perplexing problems. Conversations tend to go on interesting tangents leaving you thinking about the more profound things in life. They often see beyond the mundane and can help you broaden your horizons.

THE BOSSY ONE – This friend right here just likes being the person in charge. They usually never listen to others feedback because they never consider the possibility that they could be wrong.

The special one
6. THE SPECIAL ONE – It’s the friend you have a special connection to. They could be anyone of your current friends and sometimes they just suddenly bloom into the great person that they are out of nowhere. They have the right mount of everything and that is why you seem to just resonate with them on a whole different level. They usually either become your best friend or you partner in life.

THE BLACK HOLE – You have no idea why you are friends with them and whenever you hang out with them, you always end up hating yourself.
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