Relaxing Pictures – Photography Adventures in Downtown Sacramento

By | October 19, 2018

Old Sacramento – Old Sacramento is pretty much the go-to place for whatever. They have some interesting restaurants, trails, and it’s close to the iconic Tower Bridge of Sacramento. I decided to go here mostly because of the river which is a great place for me to practice my water reflection photography skills, and they have a sweet train station. It’s not really a working train station but its cool none the less.


Old Sac Train Station – Even though the train is old, its still in pristine condition. They even sometimes have guys dressed in old school uniforms to complete the feel of the old days.

For this I used a tripod so that I could take a relatively long exposure shot which resulted in this photo. It does seem a bit overexposed but I wanted the station to emanate a similar atmosphere as platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter. I also like how it captures the train and a sweet vanishing point.

I encountered some professional photographers, but they were just taking some wedding pictures. Nothing as exciting as the rapper music video at the capitol with some bling bling and reflectors.

HDR Dock – This photo I took with HDR enabled. For those of you who do not know what HDR is, it basically makes the dark areas lighter and light areas darker to even things out when there is way too much contrast. I decided to give this trick a try since the dock was very dark and I wanted to bring out the details of the wooden pillars on the right. It turned out okay. I’m honestly not sure whether I like this photo or not. I’ll let the ducks floating by decide.


The King of Delta – Check that out – its the Delta King. It’s the floating restaurant of Old Sac. It’s a pretty fancy place. I remember I went there once for a murder mystery dinner. A murder mystery dinner is basically like a murder puzzle theater act that let the diners participate. It’s pretty fun.

I like this photo because it captured the Delta King, the river, the wooden dock, and the restaurant above. It feels really nice looking at the picture because the actual experience was kinda bad. Basically I was too busy shooing the mosquitoes away so I don’t get malaria. If you go there, just walk through the dock, but don’t be stationary. Trust me I’m a doctor (no I’m not).


Pyramid of Pizza – Old vs new, modern vs old school, I like this photo because it created a very interesting juxtaposition between the two buildings. I wonder if these were built side by side to symbolize the clash between the old days, as symbolized by the pyramid-style building, and the modern era, as symbolized by the relatively modern-styled blue building.

After taking a trip through the capitol and the Old Sacramento it got me thinking about the dedication of the people who wanted to preserve history like the old train station. I think it’s good to embrace modern technology, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should completely forget about our roots. I think places like Old Sacramento make our life richer and let’s us know that life is not all about practicality and getting from point A to point B. It is also about what you leave behind. It is about the memories that you form as you spend time with the people you love.

Whether you like making rap music videos or dressing your dog up in ugly pink sweaters, it’s really up to you put meaning into what you experience so that one day when you go back there, you think of good things. Thank you for joining me again for another relaxing photography adventure with MrCloud. Keep on yawning!

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