Motivational Quotes 5 – Reaching for A Goal

By | October 19, 2018

Tragedy in life is having no goal to reach benjamin mays

Humans are programmed to be afraid of the unknown. Not wanting to risk anything, most people prefer to just stay within their comfort zones. There is always a chance that if you venture out, you might fail.

Fear of failure and fear of the unknown is not a bad thing. In fact, its what keeps us from jumping off cliffs just out of curiosity – well most of us. Fear, for the most part, keeps us safe.

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That fear, however, is often times responsible for holding us back from success. We are all afraid of failure, and sometimes we would rather hold on the illusion that we are success by avoiding failure rather than striving for self-growth.

“…the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

Benjamin Mays

Failure is Success

Failure hurts. Its pierces our egotistic persona and tells us that we are after all just human, but it teaches us just that exact moral – that we are human. Failure keeps us down-to-earth, realistic, and at the same time optimistic.

A person not used to failure crumbles at the first resemblance of delineation from the perfect situation. It teaches us to adapt and tests our will and resolve. In many ways, failure is success. A person’s capability to make repeated failures and keep going until success is met is the most important characteristic of a competent individual.

To have no goal is to always fail

Success is measured by ones capability to reach a goal. Without a goal, you are simply, doing things. Without a goal, failure and success is meaningless. Imagine how confusing sports games would be if there were no goals – basketball would simply be a crowd of really tall dudes standing in a square lot who really likes balls from some reason.

A goal gives meaning to our existence. It gives us a reason to keep going. Giving us strength during times of hardships, we can fixate our eye on the goal to overlook all the terrible things around you. It shields us from the harsh realities of life. It gives us purpose.


A goal, in some way, is a firm reminder that we are not just here to blindly seek for pleasure, nor to blindly avoid pain. A goal lets us know that each of us is meant to achieve something great.

Artistic Inspiration

I really like how this piece turned out. Having difficulties with arm placement, I didn’t know drawing a girl jogging could be so difficult. My first draft looked like she’s trying to pick a fight and the second one looks like she’s adapting the “ninja run” in Naruto. Eventually I was able to make it work. I reached my goal, get it.

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