Incoming – I wasn’t too alarmed or anything, but when I looked at this view I started thinking, “O crap! I parked my car over there.” If you look closely you’ll see a funnel-like formation emerging from the concentration of clouds. I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but at the time this looked like a baby tornado to me.

Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing but just that, a cloud formation. Its always best to stay calm and relaxed even when faced with possibly dangerous situations. If you think you are in a bad situation, just relax and wait. Don’t panic because you’ll end up freaking out over nothing.


This picture is my third favorite for this photo session because it had a very fun vibe to it. It kinda looked similar to those casino commercials where they show you all the fun amenities, so you can emotionally justify wasting your life savings on gambling. Also, I used fast aperture on this photo so I could capture the water while its suspended in the air. The resulting photo was quite exhilarating.

After this photo I decided to call it a day because I needed to take a bathroom break. I tried to use the bathroom closeby, unfortunately I came across the strictest receptionist ever. I went into the recreation center and asked one of the people in there where the bathroom was to which he promptly replied to the right.

Before I was even able to shift my body weight towards the direction of the bathroom. The receptionist lady literally bolted out of her seat as fast Asafa Powell can on the starting blocks and stuck her arm above the counter and said, “Only for members sir!” She could have done me a favor and just slapped me with a wet sock – Never have I been bladder-blocked. In all honesty, I wasn’t really offended. I’m just thankful I got home in time for my much needed bathroom break.

That’s going to do it for this photography adventure. Thank you for joining me today. I enjoy doing these photo sessions and would like to keep doing more of them in the future. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Photography Adventures in Downtown Sacramento