Your 7 Thoughts If You Lived 100 Lifetimes

By | October 19, 2018

Life is as nebulous as the mysteries of the cosmos, as deep as the deepest unexplored ocean trench and as unpredictable as the winds of nature. It is the ultimate equalizer, everyone lives and everyone dies – no one is exempt. Essentially, we only have one try to make the best out of it. Many people become misled and go through a life filled with pain and misery making life seem like an endless series of torturous events.

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What if someone was given 99 lifetimes. 99 lifetimes to get things right, so that for one life he could live a life so precious and so complete that it would it render the previous 99 lives pare in comparison. Today I bring you the 7 thoughts you will think of after having lived 100 lifetimes.

1. Life is never simple. Many times you will be faced with unsolvable conundrums – problems that will tempt you to react in a very negative way. But if you have lived life for a hundred years, you will realize that carrying any negative feelings towards someone or anything, will not only hurt you, but the those you love as well. Let go if it, and continue going the right path. Do not let, others’ mistakes and unexpected tribulations cause you to take a detour and become lost in the process. Never give up the good fight.

2. For the inexperienced, an embarrassing situation feels like the end of everything. We all make stupid mistakes that make other people judge us and ridicule us. But the thing about people is they only care so much.

A person who has lived 100 lifetimes would realize that whatever people say or think doesn’t really matter as long as you are confident that what you are doing is the right thing and you believe that it will lead to your happiness. Gossips pass, news fades and time heals everything, but true happiness built free from fear of judgement lasts to the very farthest depths of time your consciousness can muster.

3. You know you are either talking to a fool or a liar the moment someone claims to know everything with absolute certainty. The more you know, the more you realize how little you know. If you don’t know anything then you assume you already know everything. The smartest individuals are people who aware of the fact of his or her limitations and this simple thought can help you live your life to it’s greatest potential.

4. Once you admit your faults and your limitations, the best way to get the most out of life is by learning from mistakes. Living a hundred lifetimes will make you realize that mistakes are unavoidable. That is why it is best to make many small mistakes and learn from them so you can avoid big mistakes that you can’t learn from because you will probably dead or trapped in a helpless situation.

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5. If you are observant enough, you will realize that people are too afraid to do what they want. They are too afraid of looking foolish – too afraid of being judged because if you try to accomplish anything, you put yourself in a vulnerable position to be rejected.

And people spend their entire lives, spend fortunes, hurt their loved ones just so they could hide from the feeling of rejection. As a result they are trapped within this tiny little cube of limited life that spend their entire lives simply being in that little cube too afraid to venture out. If you manage to conquer your own ego and realize that rejection is nothing but a fact and not a death sentence, then you open yourself to endless horizons an entire universe of endless possibilities.

6. There is a reason why every culture in the history of the world throws celebrations. It is because it helps people focus on their victories and leave their failures behind. Living a life that only focuses on failures and mistakes is like living in a town with no celebrations. If you make 1000 mistakes just to succeed one time, you have gained retribution, but if you fail one time and you give up, then you have in fact truly failed.

Focus on the positives. A person who lived a hundred lifetimes would realize a hundred lives built on regret is nothing in comparison to one life filled with gratitude and positivity.

7. So let us say this guy has in fact lived 100 lifetimes and he in fact lived it to the fullest of his capabilities. He never let the reality of the world break him down, he danced the dance of life like nobody is watching, he made intelligent decisions, he stepped out of his comfort zone and he focused on the positive things.

It is just like falling in love over and over again. When you meet that one special person all the other one’s before pale in comparison. Life is like that. You don’t need a hundred, a thousand or millions of lives because they will eventually blur into an irrecognizable cloud of endless mundane. There is a reason we only live one life and for one life we make the best out of it because there is beauty in vulnerability. And as you live life and realize that you want to open your self to the possibility of pain and sorrow, you realize how fateful it is when you see that light that makes life worth living. So truly, one life is the best and only live we truly need. Take it, treasure it and live it.

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