Relaxing Pictures – Photography Adventures on Campus

By | October 19, 2018

Welcome to the very first Photography Adventures with MrCloud. If there is anything I love as much as relaxation, psychology and drawing, it’s going out there and taking photos of interesting places. Its a very relaxing and peaceful experience. Not knowing where you will discover a rare gem of a scenery, it can also get very exciting. Read on and see my top 5 pictures, including a picture that just looks so damn surreal. I feel lucky to have encountered it during my very first photo shooting session.

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Top 5 Pictures on Campus

I’m extremely excited because I just bought a brand new Canon EOS 70D and this is the very first DSLR I’ve owned. Having used DSLRs before (snatching it off my friends and relatives), I have some background so I am not a complete newbie to photography.

This time I went to California State University Sacramento aka CSUS. I go there to see some friends of mine and I thought it was a pretty good opportunity to take some awesome relaxation shots. Wouldn’t it be funny if I was actually talking about alcoholic drinks. Anyways I took a bunch of pictures and I picked 5 of my best ones to show you guys. It might not be award winning photography, but they are definitely not horrible. So without further adieu, here is my first favorite photo of the day.

Reach High - Photo Adventures on Campus

Reach High – I really like this photo because the texture of the branch just looks so damn gorgeous. You can pretty much feel how crispy it is. I didn’t actually touch the tree. I was too comfortable sitting in my car being a lazy bum while taking this photograph.

I wanted to also display the intricate branching patterns of the tree. Whatever kind of a tree this is. I’m not exactly a botanist or a dendrologist, but I named it anyways.

I named this photo Reach High because the tree branches resemble arms desperately reaching out for something. Gently fading into the background, the twig stems look like fingers trying to grasp at something – perhaps water since Sacramento County is on a bit of a dry-spell. Don’t waste water guys, but don’t skip showers either that will cause a totally different catastrophe.

Hectic Life – Here I like how the blurriness of the moving cars adds to the hectic aura of the photo. This photo makes me want to do some more night-time street photography with a lot of bokeh and low exposures for optimum melodrama. For non photo-freaks that means you get lots of background blurriness and light streaks which is awesome.

My Third and Fourth Favorite Photos

Hectic Life Photography on Campus