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The Cortisol Paradox – Is Cortisol Good or Bad?

Commonly called “The Stress Hormone,” Cortisol has built quite a bad reputation. Linked to many negative health effects including weight gain, immune system weakening, muscle and bone reduction, and even thyroid problems, Cortisol was the frequent target of health gurus and weight loss companies. Cortisol reduction supplements were marketed like vitamins to supposedly help with… Read More »

Let’s Prove Negative Nancy Wrong – Loneliness

Nothing is worse than Negative Nancy appearing out of nowhere and ruining a perfectly good day by forcing negative thoughts into your head. Here we will obliterate the plausibility of the three most common negative thoughts associated with loneliness. Related: The 13 Destructive Habits of Unhappy People NEGATIVE NANCY – “You will always be alone”… Read More »

Your 7 Thoughts If You Lived 100 Lifetimes

Life is as nebulous as the mysteries of the cosmos, as deep as the deepest unexplored ocean trench and as unpredictable as the winds of nature. It is the ultimate equalizer, everyone lives and everyone dies – no one is exempt. Essentially, we only have one try to make the best out of it. Many… Read More »

Ambiverts Leave Extroverts in the Dust

You hear people refer to extraversion everywhere. Simply put, extraversion is a personality spectrum where extroverts are said to enjoy social interaction and introverts prefer solitude. The concept is straight to the point. With that said, common sense pretty much implies that extroverts will be better at a social activity like selling. A recent 2013… Read More »

4 Ways to Give Yourself Limitless Potential

Related: 12 Revealing Habits of Extremely Successful People 1. The Time is Now – There will never be a better time for you to begin your journey. Greatness is not achieved by endless contemplation, but by realizing that perfect opportunity. That fateful day when you see the life you dream of right within your grasp… Read More »

6 Common Sleep Mistakes in Hot Weather

You just finished a long exhausting hot day. Relieved to be home, you get out of your car sweating. You hope to get shelter from the scorching sun so you hurry up inside. However, as you open the door to your room, you immediately feel the heat resonating like it’s the inside of a convection… Read More »