Positive Thinking

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The greatest obstacle to better sleep and relaxation are negative thoughts. Faced with negative individuals and painful experiences throughout their life, some people become trapped in negativity. Here we will slowly chip away those calluses and lay all those emotional baggage down in order to help you see this amazing thing we call life.

Procrastination is like an anomaly in your psychological programming that is preventing you from performing your tasks efficiently thus preventing you from reaching your peak productivity. In this definite guide I will show you how to overcome your procrastination hurdles so that you can release your true untapped potential.

Is procrastination really a bad thing? Join me as we try to divulge the truth behind procrastination; its psychological, physiological causes and how science may have figured out the “procrastination equation.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were taught the secrets to a great conversation by our parents or in school. Well here I am to save you all the trouble. Here are the 10 conversation secrets everyone should know about.

“Weird” is often a term used to denote things that fall outside of the norm, an ideological concept that falls within the acceptable spectrum of perfection, however, being weird can be a good thing. Here are 6 good reasons.

Beggars are usually not at the top of the list when it comes to looking for success tips, but my interesting experience with a street beggar has divulged to me an important aspect of attaining success. I will show you how to be “luckier.”

Success is the desire to get more while happiness is being content with what you have. Successful people often times have trouble being happy because their drive to achieve inhibits their happiness, however, the solution may be easier than it seems.

Having friends is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Besides having someone to play monopoly with, friends allow us to grow by connecting with them and sharing our life with these individuals we feel close to. Today, I bring you the 6 types of friends you need in your life and their antitheses.

There will never be a better time for you to begin your journey. Greatness is not achieved by endless contemplation, but by realizing that perfect opportunity. Here are 4 ways to give yourself limitless potential.