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Some tips, tricks and research studies to help you sleep better, relax and understand the various psychophysiological phenomena surrounding our mind-body health.

With the rise of new flu strains and the constant adaptation of bacteria to existing antibiotics, its more important than ever to keep our immune systems at peak performance.

Some people experience unexplainable random pains. Out of nowhere, these pains will sneak its way unto your awareness. A recent study suggests it could be linked to your sleeping habits.

Women are often tasked with many things throughout the day. A lot of mothers have to work a “second shift” after their actual paying job. According to a study, however, women have to deal with many difficulties.

Relaxing certainly feels good. Your body is relaxed, your face is relaxed, and most importantly your mind is at peace. It turns out relaxation offers a lot more than just relief, it also brings cardiovascular health benefits.

Stress often makes you tense up your face seemingly giving you extra wrinkles, temporarily. But could it be possible that stress actually permanently changes your body’s biological make up to increase the rate of aging?

Making friend is fun. It lets you express yourself. It lets you show what you got to the people around you and essentially grow as a person. In this article, we look at the neurological process involved in “making friends.”

We often hear people saying it’s better to study ahead of time rather than staying up for an “all-nighter.” Turns out this saying actually has a scientific basis. So how does sleep help us learn more effectively?

Ever wonder why waking up in the morning is often times a pleasant experience? The air is certainly better, but most importantly people are nicer. Well, it turns out there is a scientific explanation as why people are nice during early hours.