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Some tips, tricks and research studies to help you sleep better, relax and understand the various psychophysiological phenomena surrounding our mind-body health.

We all know cat people pretty much own the internet. The internet is their domain, however, a new study might give them even more to rave about. Are dog people truly at a disadvantage? It is possible that things are not as simple as it may seem. Who’s smarter cat people or dog people?

There are many kinds of yoga. Yoga styles such as Power Yoga are focused on the physical benefits of yoga, however, Hatha Yoga, a relaxation-focused approach may in fact have amazing cognitive benefits that boost brain functions in older adults.

Growing up, most of us are taught not to use filler words. We are often scolded for using words such as like, um and you know, however, a study suggests these previously considered verbal ticks may in fact play a crucial role in communication and personality.

People sometimes go to extreme lengths in order to increase their academic performance. It is a good thing to strive for excellence in school, but it is best to understand the natural ways to optimize your mental capacity. A recent study found out that sleep may have a significant effect on exam scores.

Staying active is one of the most essential factors to staying healthy. It also satisfies our primal need to compete. A recent study shows that longer sleep may in fact help promote optimum performance for athletic activity.

Bills don’t pay themselves, babies don’t feed themselves and house chores certainly don’t do themselves. It is certainly no mystery why married people are arguing all the time, however, it turns out arguing and the worry associated with demanding loved ones may cause early death.

Depression is like being trapped under a boat. There is no way out unless you are capable of finding the right way, however, you slowly drown until you have no more strength left to fight. Stress relief may be the guiding light you need.

Massage therapy has been synonymous with relaxation. However, its high costs makes us wonder whether it is in fact more effective than other relaxation methods.