South Lake Tahoe Snow 2015
Suddenly There is Snow – As you might be aware of, California is currently in a severe drought. This drought not only affects the rain, but also the snow fall. Turns out the locals had been expecting snow fall for a long time now and they still haven’t seen any of it in quite some time due to the drought.

Guess what happened when we were about to leave the next morning? It snowed. Quite honestly I’ve seen snow before but I’ve never seen snow fall. I always miss it whenever I go to a snowy place. Luckily this time, I caught it and at a time when snow fall was scarce which is pretty cool. Not the drought, that’s horrible, but the fact that it was relatively seldom and I was lucky enough to experience it during that period. Now I feel special. I should probably buy a lottery ticket, this might be a lucky charm.

The first picture I tried to capture the snow as its falling. I was so excited that it didn’t occur to me perhaps increasing the shutter speed would help, but hindsight is always 20-20. I think the picture still turned out a okay and any pictures of pine tress are good in my book.

The second picture is my friend and her boots with a thousand straps digging into fresh snow. The feeling of snowflakes hitting my hair and my skin was very interesting. It’s like you are getting tickled slightly over and over.

The Land of Snow and Nature

This photography adventure to South Lake Tahoe was a ton of fun. The route was a little bit daunting, but the view is totally worth the risk. I think it’s a sensory and visual experience you will take with you for a very long time. Having such a lush and vibrant forest, Lake Tahoe is a great place to escape the stresses of modern distractions without going too far out into the wilderness. If you are in the Northern California region I certainly recommend you swing by Emerald Bay State Park in the South Lake Tahoe region. Thank you for joining me during this photography adventure and I hope to see you again next time!

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