We bring you 5 of the best and most eye opening quotes about money from the people who know how to earn wealth and keep it. The reason rich and powerful figures stay at the top is because they have the correct psychology nailed down to a tee.

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They are the types of men who could walk into a casino and not even be tempted into spending one dime on something as pointless as gambling. You can give them a clown a half and what they will do is give it back exactly a clown and a half because they know the things that make you lose money.

Their unwavering will and unmatched discipline has enabled them to climb out of mediocrity to notoriety. Here are five money quotes from famous wealthy men to help rub some of their gold dust unto you.

Money Quote #1 – “Wealth is not about having money, its about having a lot of options.”

Money is nothing but paper, palm sweat and 90 percent of the germs on earth. The best thing about money is the things you can do with it. Many wealthy individuals see money as having the freedom to live a life devoid of financial bondage.
Money is about options Chris Rock

Money Quote #2 – “Time is a friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of the mediocre.”

Get rich quick tricks only last for a while. Just like a runner who uses a quick adrenaline rush to gain an initial advantage but loses the race, bad business models that use sneaky tactics and get rich schemes always fall face flat in the end. The smartest man on earth can’t outwit time.

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Build a business that you love and share it with the people around you. As your life progress and the life of the people you have helped, so will your business.
Time is the friend of a good business enemy of the mediocre

Money Quote #3 – “Success in investing doesn’t correlate with I.Q…”

Being smart does matter in business, but only to a certain degree. It would certainly make things easier and it certainly allows you to go much farther, but I’d settle for being a millionaire if I can’t be a billionaire. The trick is, a smart person surrounds himself with people smarter than him.
IQ does not matter in business above 125 warren buffet

Money Quote #4 – “Never test the depth of river with both feet.”

First off, before you go crossing rivers, check whether there is a bridge. No need to get your feet wet unnecessarily.

What this quote means is you should never risk everything without knowing exactly what you are dealing with. If you put all assets in one investment without knowing anything about the field you are engaging in, you might as well burn your money, at least you’d get to see some fireworks.
Never test the river with both feet warren buffet

Money Quote #5 – “Don’t think money does everything, or you are going to end up doing everything for money.”

Well honestly, money usually does buy everything. It can make women want you, it can get you friends, and it even get you family – I don’t know how that works, but you can expect your cousins to quadruple once you win the lottery.

That being said, money is not unlimited no matter how rich you are. So yes, money can buy you everything for a short amount of time. Gold diggers will keep asking for more and more expensive stuff, and money hogging friends will siphon all the money right out of your pocket with sudden “favors.”

You’d basically be working your butt off for years just so that some heartless folks can effortlessly take it all by whispering nice things into your ear for a few seconds. Money gives you options as the first quotes states, and you can use those options to put yourself at an advantageous position to eventually get what you want. At that point, you are using your brain to get everything using money as a tool.
Do everything for money voltaire

There you have it, 5 great quotes from rich, powerful and famous people who got to where they are by having money work for them and not the other way around.