Welcome to the first photo adventure with MrCloud in 2015! South Lake Tahoe is not only a popular vacation spot for winter activity, it is also a beautiful place to take a photography trip during spring and summer season. Join me as I visit one of the clearest lakes in California – Emerald Bay.

Welcome the another photography adventure with MrCloud. This time I went to the biggest natural lake in California – Clearlake. Along the way I encountered some interesting beautiful locations, and heard some Clearlake gossip.

Downtown Sacramento is quite an interesting location to take photos not only because of the beautiful scenery you find, but because of types of people AND animals that you tend to encounter. See my 4 favorite photos of this photography adventure.

Join me for my second Photography Adventure where I venture deep into a strange land called my neighborhood. I’ve been living here for 2 years and only recently have I discovered this fancy area in this suburban jungle.

Join me on my first ever photography adventure on campus. One would think there is nothing to take pictures of at a university, but you can make anything amusing to a guy who has a shiny new camera and a huge imagination.