Many of us have learned some awesome life lessons and most of all some nostalgic memories of watching these animated creations in vhs, or even better betamax. Here I bring you 14 Disney Quotes that will sprinkle some magic into your day.

Dreams. It could refer to the chemical reactions in your brain causing you to sift through subconsciously-influenced images in your head as you sleep. It could also refer to a person’s quintessential desire in life. These quotes will communicate to you how dreams can become reality.

Laughter is good. Motivation is even better. Combine those together and you have something amazing! Here are some hilarious funny inspirational quotes from some famous people and some not-so-famous people.

It’s been estimated that there are more than 97 million songs in the world. Even more songs are being created as we speak. However, in the midst of this humongous collection of musical choices only a few pass our personal taste and even fewer manage to talk to us in a profound level.

Basketball is nothing but a bunch of tall guys chasing after one ball, but is more than that because of the sheer amount of talent and athleticism demonstrated by the greatest basketball players of all time.

You are too afraid to speak your mind. Too afraid to try anything outside of your comfort zone. What are you willing to do to achieve success? Are you satisfied with a life live in fear, a life lived on your knees?

Downtown Sacramento is quite an interesting location to take photos not only because of the beautiful scenery you find, but because of types of people AND animals that you tend to encounter. See my 4 favorite photos of this photography adventure.

Many people have different ways of celebrating Easter especially in today’s diversified petri dish of a culture. However, one cannot deny the fact Easter is about the celebration of life. Here I bring you 12 Enlightening Life Quotes to Celebrate Easter.