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Laughter is good. Motivation is even better. Combine those together and you have something amazing! Here are some hilarious funny inspirational quotes from some famous people and some not-so-famous people.

It’s been estimated that there are more than 97 million songs in the world. Even more songs are being created as we speak. However, in the midst of this humongous collection of musical choices only a few pass our personal taste and even fewer manage to talk to us in a profound level.

Basketball is nothing but a bunch of tall guys chasing after one ball, but is more than that because of the sheer amount of talent and athleticism demonstrated by the greatest basketball players of all time.

Many people have different ways of celebrating Easter especially in today’s diversified petri dish of a culture. However, one cannot deny the fact Easter is about the celebration of life. Here I bring you 12 Enlightening Life Quotes to Celebrate Easter.

Men are known for being tough and in some ways domineering. Men after all are men. We have big muscles and stuff, however, men are also known for being protective and romantic to the people they care about.

War, violence, greed, and hatred has fueled suffering and disarray around the world. In today’s society where there is a lot of tension held between people of different cultures and blood, war is almost inevitable. I bring you the 10 peace quotes that would help tame the flames of war around the world.

They say money is the root of all evil. But money in the hands of the right person can do a lot of good. We should not dismiss the contributions of millionaires and billionaires that donate a huge chunk of their income to good causes.

Here we bring you the 5 best love quotes circulating around the internet and social media right now. These are inspirational quotes for valentines day 2014 to make it extra special.