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In a world where everything is streamlined, convenient and high-tech, is there still room for the traditional old-fashioned ways and thinking of the past? These 10 wise old sayings will show you just how important it is to stick to the basics.

One of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, is responsible for the current tidal wave of mobile technology. Like a sudden mole that appears out of nowhere, unless you laser that thing it won’t go away, mobile technology is here to stay. The visionary mind behind this is none other than Steve Jobs.

Friends make everything better, and they make the world become a much more interesting place. But of course not all friend are true friends. True friends are people who deserve a special place in hearts and a special tab in our contacts folder. Today I bring you 34 inspirational quotes about true friendship.

What if someone was given 99 lifetimes. 99 lifetimes to get things right, so that for one life he could live a life so precious and so complete that it would it render the previous 99 lives pare in comparison. Today I bring you the 7 thoughts you will think of after having lived 100 lifetimes.

Dr. Seuss embodies living life to the fullest, staying positive and learning how to respect and love one another. Here I bring you 45 Dr. Seuss inspirational quotes to awaken the child within you.

They say truth sets you free. They also say laughter is the best medicine. How about you combine those two awesome things into one. Here I bring you 11 funny but true quotes to help inspire motivation and self-improvement in your life.

Many of us have learned some awesome life lessons and most of all some nostalgic memories of watching these animated creations in vhs, or even better betamax. Here I bring you 14 Disney Quotes that will sprinkle some magic into your day.

Dreams. It could refer to the chemical reactions in your brain causing you to sift through subconsciously-influenced images in your head as you sleep. It could also refer to a person’s quintessential desire in life. These quotes will communicate to you how dreams can become reality.